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Rewarding ideas that can help CUNY achieve its Sustainability goals.

The CUNY Task Force on Sustainability has created the Sustainable CUNY Suggestion Program in order to increase the involvement from the 450,000 students, faculty and staff who come through the doors of a CUNY facility and to achieve the worthy goal of reducing CUNY's carbon footprint by 30% in 10 years.

Every CUNY Campus has the opportunity to establish its own unique Sustainable Suggestion Program with $1,000 for each campus funded from the Task Force to encourage suggestions for sustainability related activities at CUNY.

The program should include:

A diplomatic process will be established where all students, faculty and staff can submit a cost saving or energy saving idea related to sustainability that can be implemented on a CUNY campus. The validity and feasibility of the idea as well as the implementation process will be carefully weighed and vetted. Funds are immediately available. Campuses can look to programs such as The Employee Involvement Association, a 65 year old not for profit, (formerly the National Association of Suggestion Systems) for guidance in establishing their program protocol. Winning ideas from each campus will be shared and acknowledged throughout CUNY.