New Recycling Containers

      As part of Queensborough Community College's committment to Sustainability, the College has contracted with a private recycling vendor: Royal Recycling Solutions -- to aid in our efforts.

     This new vendor has provided QCC with new receptacles, which you may have noticed are beginning to appear in buildings across campus. 

                     The containers are white in color and made of cardboard, itself a recycled material.  There are two types of containers in use to collect two separate waste streams:

                   The first type of container is for mixed paper and cardboard, including:

                   The second type of container is for plastic bottles and cans, including:

     Please note that while the two types of containers appear similar, each one is clearly labeled on the outside for its intended purpose.

     We ask that you be as diligent as possible when putting your recyclables into these containers to avoid comingling.  The material that is collected is further sorted at the receiving facility; however, it is up to the college community to do its part in making sure the recyclables are placed in the correct containers.