QCC Digital Signage

      Over the last two years, through the Technology Fee, the College has installed a system of digital monitors to carry information and announcements of campus events and activities, as well as cable news.   



      By the end of April 2009, thirty-one (31) LCD monitors, located in high-trafficked areas across the campus, will be available to "advertise" any department's activities and events to the college community. 

     Currrently, twenty-seven (27) monitors are in operation.

     You are welcome to provide information (content) for display on the monitors by completing and sending the linked request form to Jason Ano in the Academic Computing Center: Request Form for Digital Signage.

     This is an effective way for the college community to reach Faculty, Administrative Staff, and especially Students, with timely news -- AND it helps the College's Sustainability effort by reducing paper use and waste.

     The following are the locations and number of digital signage monitors across the campus:

     Administration Building

     Library Building

    Science Building

     Technology Building

     Student Union Building

     Medical Arts Building

     RFK Gymnasium

     Humanities Building

    "C" Building