Biology 140

Student Service Learning Projects



Expanding Environmental Awareness through Writing and Service Learning


"I have continuously involved Biology 140 (non-majors) students enrolled in my class in service learning projects. I have had the opportunity to integrate the writing intensive curriculum with a service learning activity. Separate groups of students since Fall 2008 have been writing on a current topic that concerns environmental well being while also creating an informational brochure / booklet on that issue.

"So far, students have studied, researched, and created collaborative materials on topics such as Carbon Footprint (brochure), and Green Rooftop (brochure)  and Green Rooftop (booklet).  These brochures / booklets, designed by students, have been distributed during QCC Earth Day celebrations (2009, 2010) by the students. Many students have also been involved in assisting faculty that organized Earth Day celebrations this year (2010) by volunteering to help elementary school students in tree planting and other activities planned for that day.

"Currently my students are studying, researching, and collaboratively writing on the topic of Water Footprint”. Their efforts will lead to the designing of a brochure by my Spring 2011 Biology 140 lecture students. I plan to involve my students again in QCC Earth Day celebrations next year. These activities as always have enabled me to maintain a great relationship with a “non-majors” group and they, along with me, have truly been able to change our lifestyle to a more sustainable one."

                                                                                                                                                                                   -- Professor Simran Sehmi

                                                                                                                                                                                       Biology Department